PINK GIN…Oh go on then!

Well, I never really wanted to go there, but so many of you have asked me to do one, so who am I to say no.
But I did not want to bring out yet another strawberry gin or a raspberry gin, or even more boring, a rhubarb gin.

So as usual, I’ve strayed from the pack. This pink gin of mine will be made using the usual bunch of fine botanicals, juniper, orris root, angelica, citrus and cardemon. With the addition of some big hitters, DRAGON FRUIT, vanilla, lychee and PINK PEPPERCORNS.

It will be a pink gin with a little kick! As opposed to many pink gins which are just sickly sweet and obvious for me.

Well, as usual, let’s hope I havn’t gone too left field.
But I do hope you like it, you’ll certainly not forget it in a hurry that’s for sure!



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