CHERRY BOMB Refill Pouch


The Steel River CHERRY BOMB Gin Refill Pouch.

No need for the big sell or a big description, you obviously love the subtle cherry and vanilla nuances of this Steel River take on a London Dry Gin. But I will anyway!

“Cherry I was expecting, but addition of the subtle creaminess of the vanilla, WOW! Works brilliantly!” – D. Pietz, Billingham (genuine review)

” A majestic gin, quintessentially British, nothing beats a morning Steel River G&T” Queen Elizabeth II

” A superb, gregarious, yet not superfluous gin. But only to be drank wearing a facemask, one your own in the downstairs cupboard, on a Wednesday and not after 10pm.”Boris Johnson.

“Will you marry my daughter……now!?” – Brian “Shotgun” Murphy from Bethnal Green said.

“Will you marry my son?” – Mr & Mrs Schofield asked.

“Jay, you are a fricking Gin Genius!”Anne Byers (my mum) said.

“Better than sex”Kevin (single) from Guisborough said.

“Best thing I’ve necked since that bottle of Blue Nun round the back of Asda last week”Debbie (qualified somelier) said.

“I necked it in a one-er on Sunday night Jay”Sue (currently furloughed) said.



The Steel River ‘CHERRY BOMB‘ Refill Pouch.

All the cherry and vanilla goodness, in a handy refill pouch to top up that bottle
you’ve obviously done in, because you are a GIN LEGEND!

70CL – 45%abv


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Perfect for topping up your bottles. Better for the enviroment too.

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