Shhhhhh…(Club 265 Very Berry Refill)

£30.00 £26.95

Shhhh…. Come in Come in.
Keep your voice down.
Welcome to the 265 Club original FIRST, secret, private, For Your Eyes Only product.


So if you have landed here it’s because you have already sunk that exclusive 265 Club Very Berry Gin and want more.

Hurrah! You are a special kind of GIN MAESTRO! And you have a special place in my heart, right next to Keith Moon, Keith Floyd and Oliver Reid.

If you have somehow managed to sneak in the Club’s backdoor and have your eyes on this special prize…..well, ok then, you deserve for that effort, I mean how you got past Donald the evil Distillery Cat I will never know. Ahhhh….you dangled a succulent dead mouse in front of him right? Or was it a copy of this month’s Pussy Weekly Magazine he loves so much!!

Whatever the reason, time is of the essence, so no fancy page, no blurb, you want like the stuff…..but here’s a few reviews anyway. 🙂

” A majestic gin, qunitessentially British, nothing beats a morning Steel River G&T” Queen Elizabeth II

” A superb, gregarious, yet not superfluous gin. But only to be drank wearing a facemask, on your own in the downstairs cupboard, on a Wednesday and not after 10pm.”Boris Johnson.

“Will you marry my daughter……now!?” – Brian “Shotgun” Murphy from Bethnal Green said.

“Will you marry my son?” – Mr & Mrs Schofield asked.

“Jay, you are a fricking Gin Genius!”Anne Byers (my mum) said.

“Better than sex”Kevin (single) from Guisborough said.

“Best thing I’ve necked since that bottle of Blue Nun round the back of Asda last week”Debbie (qualified somelier) said.

“I necked it in a one-er on Sunday night Jay”Sue (currently furloughed) said.


Remember, this is TOP SECRET. No telling those Slugworths! (or that gossip Barbara in HR!)
I don’t want to have to get my GinOompaLoompas to throw you down the Bad Egg shoot in the distillery.

A massive big hearty gin, full of amazing berry goodness.
Blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, Goji Berry, and a hint of Halle Berry,
a strand of Mary Berry, a dollop of Nick’s Berry’s and lastly,
my favourite, SNOZBERRIES! You can really tatse them!
Just keep all of this to yourself promise!


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