My STEEL RIVER “El Clasicois a very personal gin to me.

This gin, my EL CLASICO Edition (the red one!), is inspired more by my time in Spain.
A place I ended up again in 2016 to regroup and get my life back on track. I spend a fair amount of time in Andalucia still, Granada, Malaga, Nerja and Cabo de Gata are particular favourite places I visit. But I spend time too at my rambling-never-quite-finished country farmhouse on the border of the provinces of Granada and Jaen.
It’s where I go back to now to get back to nature, unwind, be alone and just walk in the country to feel more connected spiritually. If that’s a bit deep, apologies. I also go to check on my pistachio’s trees on my land, and also the pomegranates from my neighbours trees, so there’s a practicality to my visits too. As both eventually will get used in this gin. And a cracking gin it is too!
El Clasico is what the Spanish call the biggest football games of the season, Barcelona vs Real Madrid. No matter where you are in Spain, from village, to city, this game takes over everything else going on. And I love the passion it brings to life there.
I feel this gin has passion too, my passion for gin, for life, and for Andalucia. It’s a gin made by a North East boy with some Spanish heart. It is a red, not a pink gin, but red, because I believe red says passion to me, aswell as heart, and fire.
And I wanted this gin to bring all of these emotions to your lips.

So, buy it my GinAmigos,
enjoy and savour my EL CLASICO. I think it’s a bit special. A classic!

Jay B



El ClasicoEdition. 70cl. 45 ABV.

I dont think you will have seen a bottle like this, a design like this and tasted a gin like this.
It is not a mass made, generic, samey, bland gin.

The “El Clasico” Edition is inspired by my time in Andalucia, Spain. Where I have a farmhouse just outside the fantastic little gem of a city, Granada.
The gin is my take on the London Dry style, but infused with Pomegranate and Pistachio.

The pomegranate is the emblem of Granada, and indeed, the word pomegranate in Spanish is…..’Granada’. And the pistachio and pomegranate trees that are dotted around my land in Spain, have also inspired this gin.

They make for a fantastic G&T. It bursts with bittersweet pomegranate, mixed with a creamy nuttiness that gives a sherbert-like aroma and taste, that is held in line by a strong juniper backbone. And the red colour is all about passion. 

70cl. 45% ABV. It is strong, subtle and, I think, a bit special.
But very very easy drinking but a complete one-off;

£38.00 – 70cl – 45%ABV

What you get for your buck:

**That amazing gin

*GINFO leaflet detailing all of our amazing gins.

*UNIQUE amazing GINFLASK filled with a GIN taster from our range!

*Personal handwritten Thank You letter with batch number and bottle number



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