We can’t have you drinking from an old version of any of our bottle can we!
So, here is a redesigned version 2.0 of our lovely EL CLASICO GIN.

Showing the pistachio elements that go into this unique gin flavour profile.

Infused with pomegranate and pistachio, this gin possesses a soft and creamy undertone, that combines with the fruity passion of the pomegranate to create a finish that is reminiscent of sherbet flavouring.
Inspired by the passion of Spain, this red gin is a subtle alternative to a London Dry,
offering a unique and easy drinking gin in a striking visual experience, made more extravagant with the magical shimmer throughout.

With every bottle comes a unique gin flask filled with another flavour from our gin range,
and an uplight to make your gin bottle the perfect addition to any shelf.

70cl. 45 ABV.


Hand crafted in our Teesside Distillery by my incredible gin Oompa Loompa’s, the El Clasico gin is inspired by my time in Andalucia, Spain.
I am fortunate enough to have a farmhouse in this area, just outside the fantastic little gem of a city, Granada.
The pomegranate is the emblem of Granada, and indeed, the word pomegranate in Spanish is…..’Granada’.
So I ensured that this fruit took centre stage in this gin, supported by pistachio, after all the pistachio trees growing beautifully across my land.
It’s where I go back to now to get back to nature, unwind, be alone and just walk in the country to feel more connected spiritually.
If that’s a bit deep, apologies. I also go to check on my pistachio’s trees on my land, and also the pomegranates from my neighbours trees, so there’s a practicality to my visits too.
As both eventually will get used in this gin. And a cracking gin it is too! My passion for gin and my time in this corner of Spain saved my life,
so this gin is a tribute to that. It is filled with my passion for gin, for life, and for Andalucia. It’s a gin made by a North East boy with some Spanish heart.

Thank you to all those who purchase my gin,
You are making my life interesting, fulfilling and at long last, complete.



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Perfect for topping up your bottles. Better for the enviroment too.

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