LIME & KIWI infused Premium Gin.

My fourth gin is a truly zesty affair. Inspired by an amazing GIN MOJITO I had recently whilst exploring Malaga, Spain.
I say had, in the space of half an hour, I drank several!

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, but the next day I woke up thinking, wow, what if I could make a gin that was that good.
Well, hells bells, I’ve only gone and done it! 

NORTHERN LIGHTS the name, was suggested to me when I asked my amazing customers and followers to come up with a name. And what an amazing response I got to that shout out for help. Some magic suggestions, some very very funny ones, a couple of filthy ones and some I would love to have used but would probably end up in court if I did!  (I may regret it yet not calling this gin, HULKS P*SS)!!

But I went with NORTHERN LIGHTS as soon as I saw some images of the Northern Lights. So vivid, green, and emotive. It just went perfectly with the green gin I was wanting to make. 

As for the taste, well, lime is nothing new in gin, and when in doubt, I always ask for lime as a garnish in my G&Ts. But having lime so up front and adding that lovely tropical notes from the kiwi, well, that’s rarer. All of this is kept in line by a strong backbone of juniper, so it doesnt get sickly. 

And you know me, I like to be different and I run a mile from ‘normal’. I also like to give alot more to you esteeemed gin monsters who take my gins to your hearts.

So, the limited FIRST EDITIONS of NORTHERN LIGHTS come with the shimmer, AND the LIGHTs and obviously are made by a PROUD NORTHERNER, me!

Sooo…what are you waiting for, get in quick!! I think this NORTHERN LIGHTS Edition is going to go a bit bonkers! 

Thanks as always to you if you buy
You are making my life interesting, fulfilling and at long last, complete,





Northern Lights Edition – 70cl. 45 ABV.

Lime & Kiwi. It’s all about the zest!

I think I may have a little green gem of a gin on my hands here. I do hope you agree.

Price includes;

*That amazing gin WITH MAGIC SHIMMER!

*Ginfo leaflets about all our amazing gins.  

*UNIQUE amazing GINFLASK – filled with another gin in the range! 

*Personal handwritten Thank You letter with batch number and bottle number

*UNIQUE GIN LIGHT that lights up the bottle!


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