With strong notes of lime and Kiwi, this gin boasts a refreshingly tropical and zesty flavour that relies on its strong juniper base to ensure it holds that iconic gin undertone and doesn’t drift into the realms of being too much. Its vivid green colour and magical shimmer creates a beautiful visual that pays homage to the magnificent Northern Lights. A joy for both the eyes and the pallete.

With every bottle comes a unique gin flask filled with another flavour from our gin range, and an uplight to make your gin bottle the perfect addition to any shelf.

70cl. 45 ABV.




Hand crafted in our Teesside distillery by our very own gin Ooompa Lompa’s, this zesty gin is inspired by a gin mojitio I had the pleasure of trying during my time exploring Malaga, Spain. The cocktail was so special I immediately knew I wanted to create a gin inspired by it, and this gin is exactly that. The name, although very fitting, was actually decided upon by one of my amazing customers. After asking for suggestions, and receiving many funny, rude and magical names, this suggestion was put forward and immediately chosen. Not only does this gin mirror the vivid green magic of the Northern Lights, it is also created in a proudly Northern Distillery.

Thank you to all those who purchase my gin,
You are making my life interesting, fulfilling and at long last, complete.





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Perfect for topping up your bottles. Better for the enviroment too.

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