The Fantastic Four GinFlask Set
Available to order now. 
4 x 1oz/35ml measured GinFlasks.

As you will be no doubt aware, I like to do things differently here at STEEL RIVER DRINKS.

From the make up of the team, (my GinOompaLoompas and Flying Monkeys), to the ingredients in my gins, (Prickly Pear Cactus fruit), to the colours of my gins, (the red, El Clasico Edition) to those personal hand written THANK YOU letters (you are most welcome you gorgeous gin maestro you!).

But it’s fair to say, that my unique, industry first GINFLASK get’s alot of praise, fandom, and all round “What the F*ck!”.
So, now that I am increasing the gin range with my forthcoming two gins (coming in the next 6 weeks), and now that these Steel River Ginflasks are becoming collectors items (yeah, I’ve seen them on EBAY!), I thought, hell, why not give you good folks the opportunity to buy 4 GINFLASKS, with my 4 DIFFERENT GINS in them.
  1. STAINSBY GIRL Edition

  2. EL CLASICO Edition

  3. Club Tropicana Edition

  4. Wicked Green Edition
    (not released in bottle form until JUNE 30th!)

Ta dah!

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The Fantastic Four GinFlask Set

“By the Gods of Hades, what is that unique, intricate, steel artifice that elegantly adorns
that exquisite juniper juice filled glass receptacle, that is a STEEL RIVER GIN bottle??”
I hear you say.

Well, it is my Steel River GINFLASK.

It is an addition to my bottle, that has been a bit hit, and certainly caused a stir in the gin market.
It has even garnered a little green eyed envy and some resentment among richer, more established brands too.
“An illusion” one said. “A cheap gimmick” said another. “It will never catch on”. said one more. “Style over substance” said the last one.
(My GinOmpaLoompas kidnapped them all and they now reside in my cellar at the distillery.
3 meals a day and an hours exercise).
But the idea comes from my time as a poor student, trying valiantly to fail my A-Levels,
but succeeding with some prowess a long lasting love of alcohol, and ladies.
It was a common sight to see me sipping from my hipflask in various nightclubs around the region.
I mean, a double Southern Comfort and lemonade at the time was an extortionate £1.80!
So, when dreaming up my perfect gin bottle, I thought I would add that
little piece of mischief to it.
And it seems to have struck a chord.
So, now you buy 4 Ginflasks, with a Steel River Gin in each.
But, “Hang on Jay, you only have 2 gins out right now!?”
Well, that is true. But my new gin is coming end of March,
and my last gin is coming end of April.
So, buying one of these sets gets you a sneak preview of those 2 new gins.
And to be honest, I could do with the feedback,
so I can tweak the recipes ready for the first full production run.
See, I told you we were in this together!
Birthday presents, Corporate Gifts, Wedding table adornments,
Stag/Hen do goodies, little Johnny’s 10th birthday party lucky bag must have’s,
the possibilities are endless! 


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