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My STAINSBY GIRL Edition Gin, WITH THAT MAGIC SHIMMER, is my juniper inspired Love Song to the twin loves of my life.
Teesside, where I was born and raised, and sultry Granada, Andalucia. where I have a home. And take the inspiration of the bold flavours that go into each gin.

They are two places that couldn’t be more different.
But are both beautiful in their own special ways.
Both cut deep. And both places have inspired me to make a UNIQUE gin, in a very crowded market.

There are alot of gins out there. Some great. Some good. And alot are let’s face it, very samey and zzzzzz.

The ONLY GIN IN THE WORLD with prickly pear cactus fruit and butterfly pea as the main big botancials.
It’s a colour changing gin. Comes with a UNIQUE Ginflask and WORLD FIRST Uplight too. 

STAINSBY GIRL GIN is certainly not samey. It is simply UNIQUE and very very good. 


STEEL RIVER GIN – Premium-Flavoured.
“Born and raised on a steel river..”

“Stainsby Girl” Edition. 70cl. 45 ABV.

I dont think you will have seen a bottle like this, a design like this and tasted a gin like this. STEEL RIVER is a PREMIUM-FLAVOURED Gin. It is not a mass made, generic, samey, bland gin.

My Stainsby Girl Gin is inspired by the famous song by Chris Rea, who is a Teesside son and a hero to me.
The gin is my take on the London Dry style, but infused with Prickly Pear Cactus fruit (found all around my country home in Granada, Spain), and also coloured with the magic Butterfly Pea flower, which is used in Eastern medicine to treat women’s ailing libido!
( So……just saying ladies! )

There isn’t another gin in the world with Prickly Pear Cactus fruit as the main flavour.
It’s unique. 

It is THE UNIQUE G&T, fresh, bursting with watermelon, pink grapefruit and fig aromas, and kept in line by a strong citrus juniper backbone.
Very very easy drinking but a complete one-off! And is going down a storm.

Just read the reviews!

£37.95 – 70cl – 45%ABV

What you get for your buck:

*That amazing gin

*GINFO leaflet detailing all of our amazing gins.

*UNIQUE amazing GINFLASK filled with a GIN taster from our range!

*Personal handwritten Thank You letter with batch number and bottle number





Thank You in advance for buying my gin. I hope you LOVE it!

Kind Regards


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 10 × 10 cm

3 reviews for STAINSBY GIRL Shimmer

  1. Christine

    My favourite! (Well one of them) With a fabulous shimmer. If you haven’t tried Stainsby girl you need to!

  2. Oliver (verified owner)

    Definitely up there as one of the best gins I’ve ever tasted! We first sipped it in the taster set, and just had to buy a full bottle! The watermelon notes are so refreshing, far too easy to drink.

  3. Ian Lawson

    Can’t fault steel river drinks have tried quite a few and they havnt let us down.The subscription and boxes delivered monthly give you a chance to taste new gins added with a discount. Delivery is prompt with a personal message and fully recommend to anyone with a love of gin

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