Steel River “PINK DRAGON”




My fifth gin truly down to you amazing Steel River Gin fans. For you have asked me, nagged me, cajoled me and even sent me Jay-like Voodoo dolls with pins stuck in, just to get a PINK GIN out to you!

So who am I to resist and truth be known, I’m not messing about with Voodoo!

So here it is! Well, not quite the pink gin you may swill down every weekend. This ofcourse, is my own unique, slightly bonkers version of a pink gin. And guess what, NO STRAWBERRIES!!!!! Thank Jehovah!

It is however, the most difficult gin I have made. Because, well, I didn’t use strawberries!
For one, dragonfruit is hard to get, hard to use, doesn’t have masses of flavour and is a sod to work with.
Two, pink peppercorns are expensive, tricky to gage, almost impossible (for me anyway) to balance consistantly…and… really sting when you rub your eyes after handling them……could have been worse I guess. OUCH!

The gin is pink, from the dragonfruit.
It has subtle fruitiness coming from the dragonfruit, not too sweet, I’m hoping you get the juniper coming through.
A little lemon citrus on the nose too.
In the mouth it has some bittersweet fruit for sure, softened by hints of vanilla.
And a finish that keeps some of the bitter sweetness but leaves you with the heat of the peppercorns so you don’t forget it and lump it into that Gordons and Beefeater strawberry Gin nonsense.

So, you may like it, you may love it, you may want your money back (tough!),
but you won’t forget it! 






Steel River ‘PINK DRAGON’ Edition Gin

Dragonfruit & Pink Peppercorns. The pink gin with a little fire! 

70cl. 45 ABV.

I think I may have another different, original, unique tasting gin on my hands here.
I do hope you agree.


Price includes;

*That amazing gin

*NEW booklet with ‘The Story So Far’ chronicles 


*Personal handwritten Thank You letter with batch number and bottle number

*Discount off your next order


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