What’s better than a Steel River Ginflask?

Cat videos. Rude people getting hit by buses. Unicorns with gin pouting horns. Little people. Drunk Grandmas swearing.
So, quite alot actually.

But how about 4 GINFLASKS! 

The Fantastic Four GinFlask Set
Available to order today, deliveries from the 9th March.
4 x 1oz/35ml measured GinFlasks.

As you will be no doubt aware, I like to do things differently here at STEEL RIVER DRINKS.

From the make up of the team, (my GinOompaLoompas and Flying Monkeys), to the ingredients in my gins, (Prickly Pear Cactus fruit), to the colours of my gins, (the red, El Clasico Edition) to those personal hand written THANK YOU letters (you are most welcome you gorgeous gin maestro you!).

But it’s fair to say, that my unique, industry first GINFLASK get’s alot of praise, fandom, and all round “What the F*ck!”.
So, now that I am increasing the gin range with my forthcoming two gins (coming in the next 6 weeks), and now that these Steel River Ginflasks are becoming collectors items (yeah, I’ve seen them on EBAY!), I thought, hell, why not give you good folks the opportunity to buy 4 GINFLASKS, with my 4 DIFFERENT GINS in them.
  1. STAINSBY GIRL Edition

  2. EL CLASICO Edition

  3. New Pineapple & Passionfruit Edition
    (not released in bottle form until March 29th!)

  4. Teesside Dry Edition
    (not released in bottle form until April 30th!)

Ta dah!

1 thought on “What’s better than a Steel River Ginflask?

  1. Its like gin lucky dip! Not labeled, so you don’t know what you’re Getting until its open! Surprise

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