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Have the passion and heart of Steel River delivered to your door for just £40 a month inc. delivery!

Every month I create a unique Steel River Gin, delivered directly to our club members, in a box filled with extras to enhance your drinking experience!

Club members also receive exclusive discounts LIKE 10% OFF ALL STEEL RIVER GIN PRODUCTS! and content, tailored specifically for them, including online tasting sessions with me!!

With a 3 month minimum sign up you can pause your subscription and restart it whenever you feel like it, you are completely in control!

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Greyscale digital drawing of Steel River Drinks Gin Bottle with Gin Goblet and tonic can

Every box comes with a full size bottle of new and exciting Steel River Gin,
and is brimming with added goodies like tonics, delicious treats,
coasters, pourers, lights, and in some, even Steel River Glassware!


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The amazing Gin Oompa Loompa’s make and pack your exciting
gin box and have it delivered straight to your door…and Delivery is always FREE!


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As part of the 265 Club you also have exclusive access to purchase refills
of any of my previous 265 Club Gins as well as exclusive discounts including
10% off all Steel River products…all the time!!

January – Ginuary Deluxe Box
Well, we’ve got Christmas and New Year out of the way and now foir many it’s that old dreary grey month that is January. It’s back to work, then back to bed and back to the same ol same ol. WELL, let us make your January just a little bit brighter!! Let’s start calling it GINUARY!
So let’s get you plenty of it!
Our Ginuary Deluxe Box is like our popular Deluxe Box, but with even more gin in it.
Box includes:
12, yes 12! x 100ml pouches of our gins.
That’s a lot of gin and a big selection to keep you going and keep you interested in this most dull of months.
Members this month get a free a £5 DISCOUNT CODE to any one of our 20 GIN SCHOOL EVENTS and 20 LIVE GIN NIGHTS happening this year. As well as the usual, snacks, mixers and coasters.
Now that’s GINUARY alright!

This month, it’s all about Christmas, what else!
Last year we ramped up the goodies in the box to make it ho ho ho Christmassy. Crackers, party hats, chocolates.
BUT THIS YEAR. It’s all about the drink!
Come on, you are in a Gin Club, and we are sure you’ll be scoffing enough choccy anyway, and also, no one (sober or sane) likes wearing them party hats right?
So, this month’s box will be cocktail and gin centered, as come on, it’s PARRRTTYYY TIME! 

BOX includes:
70cl bottle of our luxury WINTER EDITION GIN.
An dry gin, subtly infused with plum and apricot and layered but with spice and orange citrus notes.
100ml of our brand new, first ever, SLOE & MULBERRY GIN. Sip it, swig it, or mix it, it works all ends.
100ml of our EL CLASICO NEGRONI. That gin classic deserves a Clasico gin, with Campari, Sweet Vermouth and a hint of orange.
100ml of our STAINSBY MARTINI. Another iconic cocktail, that is made with our most iconic gin, Stainsby Girl, Dry Vermouth, and rhubarb infused olive oil. (nice huh!)
100ml of our NORTHERN LIGHTS MOJITO. A lime and kiwi gin mojito, with mint and fresh lime juice. You just get that crushed ice sorted!
Plus the usual sweets and chocolates too, as we just cant resist!
This is NOT going to be a sober Christmas! 


This month our Club Members get a deliciously difficult choice between two amazing gins.
TOFFEE APPLE GIN – yep, you read that right. So so easy drinking this one. Toffee and apple in a gin, Tastes as good as it sounds.
FIRECRACKER GIN – well it is bonfire and fireworks month after all. So we have made a fiery red gin, with cherry, cranberry, pink peppercorns and (just enough) chilli. Pow!

Each bottle comes with a gin filled ginflask and this months box also contains*, a toffee apple (ofcourse!), popcorn, giant marshmallows for toasting, tonics/lemonades, ginmats and straws and sparklers! How good does all that sound right!?
You should see what we have in store for our Christmas Box………Holy Moly!

*This years November Box does not contain the mask (we couldn’t find 500!)


A SEA-Salted Carmel gin. In a box full of seaside goodies.
Ginflask filled with another up and coming gin (a sneak preview)
Fish & Chips crisps.
Salted Caramel chocky bar.
Garnishes, straws, coasters and STRIVE MIXERS.
This one is a good un alright!



A tangy, ripe, floral gin, with a ginflask, coasters, straws, sweets, STRIVE MIXERS and other goodies too!

July 265 Club box – Strawberries & Cream Box

Yes we bloody well are!

Do we need to say more? I mean just look at the label. This gin will taste as good as that label looks!
It’s Wimbledon time and boy have we missed it. Chances are that you won’t get to sit on Henman Hill, eating those famous strawberries and cream, watching the tennis world go by. So we thought this month we would give you a Strawberry & Cream Gin which let’s face it, beats a rip off £15 punnet of the real thing, right!? And there will be tonics, lemonades, some strawberry 7 cream sweeties, gin coasters and more in this fab box.

June 265 Club box – Lemonrock Edition Box

This June I have launched a BEAUTY! This LEMONROCK Gin has gone down a storm. Many Club fans are saying it is the best yet!! The name is a complete rip-off of a favourite bar of mine in Granada City in Andalucia. I have used zesty lemons from Granada too (where I have a farmhouse) and also sweeter ones from Almeria down the road from there. With fresh Italian basil to add some fresh, floral, herby tinges, it is beyond easy drinking.
A bottle has disappeared in one night according to many Club members believe me!

April 265 Club Box – The OLD TOM Edition Box

Illustration of a Black Cat in a top hat, monocle and bow tie, smoking a pipe

This April I am delving into the past with a Steel River take on an Old Tom Gin. Old Tom Gin’s completely died out in the 1970’s as the distillation process improved and more botanical gins became the fashion. However, it was used in so many craft cocktail recipes that it has begun to make a resurgence as the demand for cocktails increases! It’s sweet, earthy with notes of spice and citrus. It goes great in cocktails and so of course this month’s box will be themed all around the art of cocktail making! And because I know that Old Tom Gin won’t appeal to some of you folks, I am giving all club members a choice to swap this gin for one of our other past club gins!

And where do cats come into this you may be asking! Well I’m not sure where they originated from, but when Old Tom Gin was at its peak of popularity in the 1800’s cats were on most of the big brands bottles and barrels. Many legal disputes were caused by it, but it now remains that the classic Tom cat has a firm place in the history of Old Tom Gin.


richylennoxJanuary 13, 2021 Read More
Best club I ever joined! Steel River Gin every month, sometimes exclusive flavours. It’s always a pleasure opening the box, like a kid on Christmas day, opening it up to see all the goodies inside – as well as Jay’s note. In the January box you get a whole litre of gin in 100ml pouches – all different flavours from the range (including some club 265 exclusives) and a lovely glass to drink it from as well as some tonics, snacks and beer mats. Sign up – you will not regret it.

ValJanuary 13, 2021 Read More
I first bought Steel River Gin as I was curious .. I then bought a couple of more bottles, purchased some as gifts and finally my husband bought me a membership in to the 265 Club. Our Daughter from Australia purchased me a couple of different flavours too, as gifts. I Absolutely Love Everything About Steel River Gin .. the flavours .. the extra Gifts as a member .. The Easy Storage pouches .. The Twinkle in some of the Gins .. Who Doesn’t like twinkle.
The Mystery behind each box received & finally the hip flask with every bottle purchased. Thank You J for introducing me to SRG

Karen SutherlandJanuary 13, 2021 Read More
Best ever present from me to me! Love getting a new gin to try every month, I’m going to need more shelves

Dawn CarterJanuary 12, 2021 Read More
Signed up to the 265 club from the first month it was launched. Every box is unique, and well worth the price, with the additional well thought out goodies. Every gin is different, which keeps you subscribed, but it’s also nice to be part of something local as opposed to the mass available gins that everyone with no real gin taste drinks! Beware though… when the email says ‘trick or treat?’ Trick isn’t for the faint hearted! 🙂 Great club to be part of, I don’t think I’ll ever leave! Thanks Jay & team!

Dawn FawcettJanuary 12, 2021 Read More
This is a fantastic club if you are a gin lover , jay is an absolute genius and his gins are amazing

Craig MccabeJanuary 12, 2021 Read More
I love receiving a gin box every month, the quality of the contents is by far superior to any other gin subscription.

Exclusive 265 Past Gin Catalogue

Every unique bottle of gin created for the club since its creation, is available for individual purchase for all Club members. So if you missed out of any of these delicious gins…you don’t have to! Just decide which ones make your mouth water and drop through an email to the 265 club members email address and we can process your order. It’s that simple, and you can try the entire past gin catalogue!

Big Balls Orange Clear Gin in Club 265 Box with additional extras

BB Orange and Almond Blossom

A delicate citrusy take on a classic London Dry Gin.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Orange, Almond Blossom, Grapefruit.

Big Balls Clear Apple and Pear Gin in Club 265 GinBox with additional extras

BB Apple and Pear

A fresh take on a classic London Dry Gin, with apple and Pear bringing that light and refreshing flavour, underlined by a subtle zest from the lime.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Apple, Pear, Limes

Cherry Bomb Gin in Club 265 Gin box with additional extras

Cherry Bomb

A black cherry gin with notes of vanilla to give it an almost creamy undertone.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Black Cherries, dark vanilla.  

Just Peachy Gin in 265 Club box with additional extras

Just Peachy

A peach gin, softened with notes of vanilla and apricot to give it a sweet silky flavour that is balanced by juniper.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Peach, Dark Vanilla, Apricots.

Halloween Gin in 265 Club box with additional extras

Halloween Edition

If you like a Negroni you will love this gin. Inspired by the cocktail, it brings the classic flavour across to a strong juniper backbone.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Vermouth, Campari, Bitters.

Toffee Apple Gin in Bonfire Night 265 club box with additional extras

Toffee Apple

A sumptuously sweet gin, that has a subtle heat, provoking memories stood around the bonfire.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Toffee Apple, Pink Peppercorn

Christmas Gin with Club 265 extras, including a glass, a gin cracker and coasters

Winter Edition

A delicately spiced gin, balanced with the floral notes of elderflowers to create a festive flavour perfect for those winter months.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Rosehips, Calamus Root, Elderflower, Spices, Cassia Bark. 

I love Gin Edition

A beautifully floral gin with red rose petals to add subtle top notes, giving it a fresh depth of flavour that is reminiscent of spring time.

Juniper Berries, Elderflower, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Red Rose Petals

March 265 Club St.Patricks Day themed Gin with extras including Baileys, tonic water and a mini pouch of peach gin

Luck of the Irish

Combining sweet, citrus and earthy notes this gin has a deep, well-balanced flavour that makes for a perfect G&T.

Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Coriander, Calamus Root, Marshmallow, Mint Leaves, Grapefruit


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