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Irish Cream Martini in a glass rimmed with chocolate. Small baileys bottle and 70cl Green gin bottle

Irish Cream Martini

It’s about time I made a cocktail for my 265 Club members, and what better way to start than with my Irish inspired Gin. This cocktail is a smooth, creamy and incredibly boozey…Would the Irish have it any other way?!

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Martini Glass with Pink Sours in, white foam top and slice of lemon to garnish. Bottle of El Clasico Gin in the background, with pistatchio nuts strewn across the table.

Clasico Sours

The warm sun is beating down on my skin as I sit on the beach and sip a delicious cocktail without a care in the world….I wish!!!! At least I have the cocktail though!

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Green Mojito in Tall glass filled with Ice and lime and mint garnish. Northern Lights Gin bottle in background with limes and mint plant.

Northern Mojito

The warm sun is beating down on my skin as I sit on the beach and sip a delicious cocktail without a care in the world….I wish!!!! At least I have the cocktail though!

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Two martini Glasses filled with a pink gin and prosecco cocktail. Strawberry garnish in the shape of a heart and roses in the background.

Sparkling Strawberry

What says Valentines day better than Strawberries and Prosecco, am I right? Time to raise a glass to those we love this Valentines Day (and yes it is perfectly acceptable for you to toast yourself) with this deliciously sparkling cocktail sure to make you feel special.

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Pink Raspberry Ripple Gin Cocktail with vanilla ice-cream as garnish in centre.

Raspberry Ripple Ice-cream

Its nearly Valentines Day and as far as making an impressive dinner is concerned…I cant stop you from burning the steak. But I can give you the perfect idea for dessert that will make up for you setting the smoke alarm off. Its easy, delicious and full of flavour! Plus…its got gin in it…the best kind of dessert!

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Glass filled with peach coloured cocktail and ice. Pink Dragon Gin bottle in background.

A Bitter Dragon

If you’re anything like I am, then you also have that bitters bottle hiding at the back of the drinks cabinet that was bought years ago. I have barely made a dent in it. Which was silly of me really because it’s a well known fact that bitters go great with gin! And what better gin to pair it with than my own unique take on a Pink Gin. Time to rile up A Bitter Dragon!

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Steel River Goblet with Club Tropicana Gin and Lemoncello cocktail. Slice of lemon on glass to Garnish.

Tropical Summer

Winter in Britain can leave you feeling awfully blue, and so what better pick me up than a cocktail reminiscent of warm sunny days by the pool (or paddling pool if you don’t make it abroad). This cocktail takes the beloved Club Tropicana and adds in an Italian twist to really get that Mediterranean vibe going strong. So without further ado, let’s all have a Tropical Summer!

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Stainsby Girl Gin Cocktail using Grapefruit Juice in a tumbler glass with grapefruit to garnish

Stainsby Topper

You know how much I love my Stainsby Girl, so when making the first Steel River cocktail I had to make sure it could compete with just a simple Stainsby G&T, otherwise what’s the point! AND I think I managed it…it is delicious, and a great way to make yourself look far more skilled in the cocktail department than you are. It’s easy to make, but looks like something you would find in a 5* cocktail place. Introducing the Stainsby Topper!

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