Two martini Glasses filled with a pink gin and prosecco cocktail. Strawberry garnish in the shape of a heart and roses in the background.

strawberry bon bon gin / / prosecco

Sparkling Strawberry

It’s time to celebrate…love, lust, longing…whatever it is you’re feeling this Valentines day time to do it with a drink in hand. And what better way to celebrate (and get completely inebriated) than with a good old mix of prosecco and gin. A great combination at the best of times, but now with a little bit more pink thrown in there for good measure on Valentine’s Day. 

This cocktail uses the incredibly fun Strawberry Bon Bon gin from the Valentine’s mini pouch Box. It’s a strawberry and toffee gin that brings you back to those days waiting in line at the sweet shop after school for a delectably delicious bag of goodies. As you can imagine it’s a fairly sweet gin, which many of you lemonade lovers will just go wild for! But if you would prefer to balance it out a little more, mint is a great way to cut through the sweet and create a very refreshing drink!

And that’s what I am going to be doing tonight. Mixing strawberry and mint flavours with some bubbles to give it a real feel of celebration. Because why shouldn’t we be celebrating love? Even if you’re drinking alone, it’s still important to raise a glass to that soppy feeling that has brought us all together this past year and shown us what’s important. So here’s to love…whether it be self-love, loving your partner, your parents or even your dog, we all need a little more love in our lives. 

So let’s get drinking, as they say in Spain: 

Todo el mundo debería creer en algo. Yo creo que debemos tomar otra copa

Everyone should believe in something, I believe we should have another drink.


Makes 2:

100ml Strawberry Bon Bon Gin

Bottle of Prosecco (or what remains of a bottle)

Large Handful of Strawberries

5-6 Mint Leaves


Heart Garnish: To create a heart shaped garnish, simply take a strawberry and slice in half. Place them side by side on your chopping board and cut a curved edge into the top of both, making the top of the heart. Slice the outer edge in towards the bottom centre to create a more defined shape. Squeeze them both side by side onto a cocktail stick or garnish holder and viola!


  1. Set aside two strawberries for heart-shaped Garnish.
  2. Place remaining Strawberries and mint leaves into a cocktail shaker and give them a good ol’ muddle to release all that flavour and juice.
  3. Pour in the gin and fill with ice.
  4. Shake well then double strain into your preferred glass. (Extra tip – because this cocktail doesn’t have ice in the glass, it can be a good idea to pop the glasses in the fridge for a few minutes before starting)
  5. Top up with prosecco and adorn with heart garnish.
  6. Stare lovingly into each others eyes as you sip!
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