Christmas gift giving

In the run up to Christmas I think a lot of people can get caught up in their own lives, I know I am certainly guilty of it. We have so much to plan and so much to organise, whether it’s giving your kids the perfect Christmas, or being so focused on getting all your lovely gin delivered on time that I end up Christmas shopping last minute in a total panic. Christmas can be chaos, but it is such a magical time. Sadly, this isn’t true for everyone. There are a lot of kids out there who’s parents just can’t afford to splurge on gifts, they’re focused on putting food on the table, which a lot of kids can struggle to understand. It’s not a fair world we live in, but we need to do what we can to share our good fortune and to support those who are struggling. So, this Christmas I am determined to avoid getting too wrapped up (wink wink) in my own world and try to play my part in supporting those who always seem to put others first. Queue Hartlepool Carers. 

Jay stood with Hartlepool Carers employee next to large pile of stacked Cadbury's Heroes Boxes

Hartlepool Carers

Hartlepool Carers are a local organisation that support unpaid carers, from young too old. That means people who are looking after a wife, husband, kids, mum, dad, sibling, friend…you name it. These people do so out of love and necessity, but without advice and support from organisations like Hartlepool Carers it can be too easy to become overwhelmed and feel isolated. That has only become an even bigger reality since lockdown hit. 

Hartlepool Carers have been amazing since C-19 hit, adapting their services to cater to the changing needs of carers in a self-isolating world. This includes their support of young carers. This Christmas they have arranged a virtual Christmas for over 70 families with a guest appearance from Santa himself (via zoom of course). To make it super special they asked for gift donations that can be given out, since a lot of these children won’t get the magical Christmas many of you spend hours frantically arranging for your kids at home. 

I wanted to help them out with this as best I could, and since Gin isn’t an option, chocolate seemed like the next best thing. So these chocolate gifts, as well as others donated by other members of the community, will be rushed from house to house by the magical elves at Hartlepool Carers. 

Now I couldn’t go without taking some gin, especially after all the amazing work the women at Hartlepool Carers have been doing. So I made sure they had some ready to drink to celebrate a successful virtual Christmas. They deserve it!

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