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Pineapple and passionfruit take centre stage on the palette in this summer inspired gin that will delight the senses. Made with 10 botanicals, it is an incredibly easy to drink gin that pays homage to Ibiza in the 80’s. Its bright colour mirrors its bright flavour and combined they transport the drinker to those hot summer days on the beach.

With every bottle comes a unique gin flask filled with another flavour from our gin range, and an uplight to make your gin bottle the perfect addition to any shelf.

70cl. 45 ABV.


This gin is a love song to Ibiza in the 80s. I first landed there in 1988 on my first summer holiday with my pals. I was there for the second Summer of Love in 89 too. It was while there that someone told me about mythical Pikes Hotel. By 1988, it was fair to say I thought George Michael was the coolest guy on the planet. His debut album Faith had come out the year before, and with the leather jacket, the sunglasses, the stubble, the earrings and that hair, I thought, yeah I’ll have some of that. So by 1988, I thought I looked the part. I’d loved Wham years earlier, and thought their Club Tropicana song was great. Still do. But it was that video that I played on repeat. The pool, the cool girls, Ibiza, the sun, cocktails.
I thought it looked the best place in the world to be! So when someone told me while in Ibiza in 89 that that video was actually shot nearby, I just had to go. I hired a bike and headed out into the country near San Antonio. But as I pulled up to the entrance, I was told I couldn’t go in as it was for guests only. It must have been the look on a crestfallen 18 year old George Michael look-a-like that persuaded the guy at the entrance to take pity on me and  let me in. And as my mates were dive bombing in the pool back at our hotel, I was sat round the pool of the mythical Pikes Hotel, celeb spotting and sipping cocktails. It was one of the best days of my life. And by the time I was 21, I had ditched plans to go to Uni, studied Spanish and grabbed a job as a Club 18-30 rep….back in Ibiza. Through the 90s, I spent many summers living and working on that magic, mystical White Isle. And to this day I have many many friends there, some amazing memories,  and head back often.

So this gin is my ‘Thanks For The Memories’ to the 80s, which was my era, to Wham, to Club Tropicana, to Pikes, to Ibiza and to the George Michael, so sadly taken from us, way too soon.

Thank you to all those who purchase my gin,
You are making my life interesting, fulfilling and at long last, complete.



2 reviews for CLUB TROPICANA

  1. Marie Bulmer Dobson

    I love love love this. It is so refreshing and the smell is wonderful. Take a bow Jay Byers.Club Tropicana is amazing and I thought Stainsby Girl was the best. 2 totally different flavours and love them both.

  2. thomas-mcgrory (verified owner)

    Quite simply amazing. Can’t believe how good and a staple in my collection.

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