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My God, we’ve been so so so busy through the Christmas, festive period I’ve hardly had chance to wish you all a Healthy, Happy New Year. It’s been one hell of a 6 weeks. So much to tell you, ups and downs, tears at bedtime, highs, lows, cock ups and success. I’ll be starting a […]

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PINK GIN…Oh go on then!

Well, I never really wanted to go there, but so many of you have asked me to do one, so who am I to say no. But I did not want to bring out yet another strawberry gin or a raspberry gin, or even more boring, a rhubarb gin. So as usual, I’ve strayed from […]

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Let there be light!

Well, don’t I just make a bloody rod for my own back! I thought that once I chose the name for the last gin, Steel River NORTHERN LIGHTS, a fantastic suggestion given to me by a Steel River customer, I would have to have a light on the bottle. As well as colour it green […]

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STEEL RIVER – “NORTHERN LIGHTS” Edition LIME & KIWI infused Premium Gin. My fourth gin is a truly zesty affair. Inspired by an amazing GIN MOJITO I had recently whilst exploring Malaga, Spain.I say had, in the space of half an hour, I drank several! The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, […]

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HOLA!! Are you sitting comfortably!? Just press pause on Celebrity Gogglebox a sec, and listen up, as I have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about… STEEL RIVER GIN. After a day of website programming, a bit of soul searching, and a fair bit of gin, I’ve come to conclusion that my business can just about sustain this, […]

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The magic box of MINI GIN POUCHES!

  INTRODUCING…………. The all new, box of assorted STEEL RIVER GIN mini magic pouches! What better way than to sample all four of the STEEL RIVER GIN familia, than in a handy box. With 20 x mini 50ml pouches, you can have a GINTASTIC night in making your increasingly inebriated merry way through my colourful […]

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Standard Friday – packing up gins to send out to valued ginamigos. Not one goes out without that handwritten thankyou letter either. With batch number and bottle number on. In colour coordinated envelopes too! ITS ALL ABOUT THE DETAIL. And the appreciation with me. Something lost on others?? Thank You All! JB

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  STEEL RIVER – “Club Tropicana” Edition My third  juniper inspired love song, this one to…Ibiza and The 80s!, I first landed there in 1988 on my first summer holiday with my pals. I was there for the second Summer of Love in 89 too. It was while there that someone told me about mythical Pikes Hotel. […]

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Never one to rest on my laurels, I decided that for private customers buying the gin (tha’ts you I hope), I would make the unique, ever so popular Steel River Ginflask a bit more special. “But how can you improve on a masterful design already Jay!?” I hear you cry into your laptop. Well, here […]

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Hola!! How are we today?? Hey hey hey, don’t go on, I’ve got my own problems you know! pfft! Anyways, I have good news! A NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! So confident am I that once tasted, my gins are never forgotten, that I am starting a new DISCOUNT CODE OFFER. Any purchases (starting from March 13th 2019), […]

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