Our third Christmas and we have finally got our STEEL RIVER CANDLES ready for you!

So sought after, so lovely, so hard to make!!
But they are just the perfect accompaniment to a lovely STEEL RIVER GIN.
Well, them and being covered in a warm STEEL RIVER THROW.

What a lovely threesome, gin in hand, candle softly burning and all warm and snug covered with a throw.

These candles are quality items.
They come in a Steel River Tumbler for a start.
There is 220gr of natural, earth friendly, coconut & soy wax in each glass.
All natural scents too.
And they have a burn time of around 40 hours.
(That’s ALOT of gin drinking time!)

ONLY 150 AVAILABLE (they are that difficult to make!)
So grab some gin, grab one of these beauties and grab a throw too, and you have the perfect night in! 


Now, if I know you ladies and some of you gents, there is only one thing you love as much as gin
and that’s drinking gin by candlelight.

And between you and me and the letterbox, so do I!

It’s just so soothing, especially with the loved one…………..out of the way !
And some music on and peace and quiet, am I right?!

So, choose from 5 different amazing scented candles.
BLUE – Rhubarb and plum.
GREEN – Lime and grapefruit.
RED – Pomegranate and frankincense.
LEMON – Lemongrass and ginger.
CREAM – Amber, the natural scented beauty.
DARK BROWN – Havana cigar and oak.

NOTE: Let us know which one of these amazing candles you’d like by telling us in the NOTES SECTION at Checkout. 


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Perfect for topping up your bottles. Better for the enviroment too.

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